Skull-Runes V1.0 Custom Wallpaper $1.99 - $5.00

My challenge was to make the image below have the wheel turn as well as incorporate a custom phrase and a calculator with a functioning % sign.

All the art was re-created as vector images so I could layer and animate the wheel. I changed the hanging circle next to the skull to an analog clock. Tapping the time toggles between 12 hour and 24 hour mode. Tapping the eye patch opens the calculator.

The file size of the swf is only 23KB!

You can get the Skull-Runes without any text (plain) on the wheel for $1.99. You can have a phrase (custom) to revolve with the wheel for $5.

Below is the image that was used for reference.

You will need **BitPim to install wallpaper.

You can purchase this wallpaper for only $1.99* ($5 with custom text) at PayPal (to email address below). Make sure to specify "Skull-Runes V1.0". Once payment has been received, you will get an email with the swf file and instructions. You should receive the email within 2 days of placing the order. If you do not receive the email within 2 days, send me an email directly to the address below. I will make sure you get it.

Custom graphics available, contact


Custom graphics available, contact

Custom Wallpaper


*NOTE this is being sold WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY implied or otherwise.
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