Target Practice Arcade V1.0 $1.99

This is an animated interactive wallpaper for the LG Dare. It functions on the phone just as it does here. Give it a try.

This wallpaper is just plain fun! It has been over a month in development. It has12/24 hour digital clock, analog clock, flashlight, 3 games and a hammer function to break the glass at any time.

Red button is the reset for what ever you have active. To return to the main screen, tap the clock at the top of the screen.

Tap the hammer to activate, the reset button will let you break the glass in a different spot. Tap the hammer again to turn it off. If the hammer or reset button become hidden at any time they are still there to tap.

Tap the darts to start. Tap any where on screen to land darts. You keep score :-)

Firing Range:
Tap the bullets to start. Tap any where on screen to fire. Try tapping really fast in a line for a nice effect.

Artillery Range:
Tap cannon balls to start. Tap any where on screen to fire. Smash big holes in the concrete.

During any game, turn the Hammer on and smash the glass for fun.

To switch between 12/24 hour, tap the digital time.

And have you ever dropped something in the dark and wanted to light up the area. Use the light switch on the wall for quick illumination.

You will need **BitPim to install wallpaper.

You can purchase this wallpaper for only $1.99* at PayPal (to email address below). Make sure to specify "Target-Practice-Arcade V1.0". Once payment has been received, you will get an email with the swf file and instructions. You should receive the email within 2 days of placing the order. If you do not receive the email within 2 days, send me an email directly to the address below. I will make sure you get it.

Custom graphics available, contact


Functional wallpaper, try it!

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*NOTE this is being sold WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY implied or otherwise.
**Using BitPim may void the warranty on your phone.